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April 29, 2005



I LOVE Pocky! I discovered them in Thailand (randomly) and brought some back, but they have all gone, obviously. I am heading to Picadilly at the first opportunity - thanks for the tip!

I'm also going to knit the cable belt fropm S'n'B Nation, now I've seen yours. It looks coolio.


The cabled belt looks really nice, Jess! I like that buckle!

That Phildar Wavy Gravy looks awesome--cool pattern, and very cool yarn :)

Have fun with the KoolAid, it is SO much fun mixing them up and dyeing!


Hi im really interested in dyeing my own wool but ive never done it before. How do you do it with Kool Aid? If it's a drink mix wont it wash out?? please tell me more im intrigued!



I assume Kool Aid is not available in Britian. So I'm curious as to much it actually costs when you buy it on Ebay? It is very inexpensive here.


I am lovin the belt even more that it is finished.
I will get the whole list finsihed... eventually I am sure.
Have fun with the Kool-aid


Of course - ebay for Kool Aid! Doh, I'm so daft sometimes; I'd never thought of buying it from there. Thanks for the tip! Now guess where I'm off to..?!

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