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May 07, 2006



Those pictures are breathtaking. Hope the biopsy means things are okay and that you heal quickly!


Love the elephant pics. Wish I could have seen it for real. Hope the biopsy heals up OK.


What an amazing sight!
Hope you're feeling better and all is okay.


Great photos! Elephants are one of my favourite things. Hope the biopsy heals up soon.


I could have practiced my stitching! Go treat yourself for being very brave ;)


wow, those are awesome pictures! something that you really don't expect in london :)

i hope that you're doing ok. feel better soon!


I hope you are recovering well, and (more to the point) I hope that all is well with the results. Great photos.


The huge puppet girl looks amazing. I somehow managed to miss the whole thing.

I hope you are feeling better soon. best wishes.

And Buck Pal, eh? Me, I just eat my cake in my own back garden.


Very, very cool pictures. Hope you're doing ok re: the biopsy!


That must have been really amazing!!

hope you're feeling better soon.


What a wonderful sight to see and fantastic photos, too! I do hope that all is well with you re. the biopsy and hope the wound is healing well, too.


Unfortunately I couldn't make it over the weekend, soi big thanks for posting those pictures. Hope you're feeling better.


What a spectacle! It must have been a great day out.
Good wishes with the biopsy.


Thanks so much for blogging about the elephant. Everyone was talking about it and I was keen to see photos! Somehow I missed it!


Ah! The benefits of living in or around a major city. What an amazing thing to get to see and experience in person!
Hope all goes well with the biopsy. Ouch. Sounds painful.

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