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May 11, 2006



wow, what gorgeous and haunting pictures those are! that wee little lamb is so cute! didn't you just want to pick her up and take her home? :)


wow! what an amazing landscape!!!!


Great photos! Interesting how two sides of a 'situation' come up with their own terminologies. Improvements vs Clearances


The landscape is certainly dramatic. I find the bigger the landscape, the smaller and less significant I feel, and it's a good feeling!


Marvellous photos. So stark and lovely. The landscapes are breathtaking. You stir my Anglophile tendencies even further.


Fantastic photos - what a beautiful, but bleak, landscape. Our sheep seem quite spoiled by comparison ;)


Jess, this is a beautiful post! The countryside is so serene, and I love to see the animals there too. I think I want to come to your country even more after seeing these photos! :)

Beautiful colors in your new project!

Have a lovely weekend~


OH MY GOSH! That just might be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Absolutely stunning, despite (or perhaps partly because?) of it's sad history. Incredible pictures. Thank you for sharing them.


That lamb is too cute. Wonderful pictures!


Beautiful photos, I love the highlands. But how did you get to know about the gggg-guy? Are you searching for relatives in the archives? I did that for some time, it is so cool.

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