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May 29, 2006



Love the bus! Those stairs look very dangerous, especially post-wine consumption. :)


Sounds like a wonderful time! A completed pair of those socks would have co-ordinated quite nicely with the double decker ;)


Fantastic bus! What nostalgia!! The sock looks great, too. Glad that the ceremony stayed civil. ;-)


I remember the London trolly buses (but only just). Did it have those little round lightbulbs, and "Get ahead, get a hat" adverts?
If Celia Kitzinger wins her case, more champagne may be needed. (,,1784666,00.html


Sounds spectacular, in spite of the rain. It's meant to be good luck/a blessing, no?


I was on a bus recently and this little girl (about six) starting laughing hysterically and pointing, saying "look at that weird bus, look at that weird bus"

So I looked.

It was just a routemaster.

One of the 9's that are running as a Heritage Route between Picadilly Circus and the Royal Albert Hall.


I remember those buses so well. They were a big part of my going to stay with my Grandma in London (Putney) at the beginning of the seventies, when I was about five or six. I do remember the steep stairs, and how they twisted. But mostly I liked the pole that you could swing on (although you'd get sharp words from Grandma afterwards). Isn't it sometimes sad that everything changes? But I suppose if there was no change there would be no place for nostalgia.


Very cool bus - not many of those in the US. :) And I'm glad your friends' ceremony went well!


I love the red theme of the post! and what a cool trip on that bus! your new sock is quite pretty ;)


Great sock - the colour of the yarn is fab. I love that with socks you can knit colours that might be way too much for a garment, but look great as a wonderful splash of colour on your feet ;)

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