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June 29, 2006



Wondered where you'd got to ;)

Hmm, yes please enter me in the draw - I loves those American crime shows (I think Diagnosis Murder is my absolute fave) they show in the afternoons.


Ooh - I haven't read any of her books. Please enter me in the drawing!


No book required, just wanted to remark: Very Cool Yarn!


glad you're back! i hope that you're getting some R&R now that all that crazy stuff is over with :)


So glad you're back! And look at that gorgeous yarn!


I'm game for being thrown into the hat! (please)
Love the colours of your 'erratic' yarn


Welcome back. You summarized the book exactly! That handspun is gorgeous! The coloration and texture...!!


Glad to see you back! Kept checking and was beginning to wonder what had happened so happy to hear all is well. I love the hat in that wonderful yarn! :-)


Hello from Canada.
the Hat-in-progress is looking so fun and delicious.
So glad you've resurfaced after all your crunch time. it's nice to be out on the Other side of it all, isn't it ?


Welcome back! I can't imagine a better combo than crime and fibre lust, as a matter of fact. It's the story of my life, actually! :)


Glad to see you again. The hat looks lovely.


I'd love to be entered into your draw! It'd be ideal for when I do eventually get to go on my maternity leave! Have missed you blogging, welcome back! That hat looks scrumptious!


well now, nothing like a little pressie to get me to comment! Hope your well and enjoying the summer... now that things are a little calmer.


Jess, great to see you blog again! :)


Hello! I totally understand that end of term getting lost thing. Just got back myself. Welcome back!

Gorgeous yarn on the hat - GOR.GE.OUS!

And I'm always up for a book, especially one about suspensful knitting, so please drop my name into the hat.

Happy Knitting!

Alma vogler

Good to have you back!! I've been reading your blog for a while and i find it lovely..


Hi - Glad to see you back blogging, and really like the wool you're using for the hat. Please enter me into the draw for the book as well.

Patrick Sharp Jersey

Nice job for you!

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