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June 06, 2006



What a lovely church - and that Suffolk churches web site is very interesting.
Look forward to hearing what you think of the murder mystery.


I've heard about that book. Heard good things. Even from librarians.

And the yarn - I've used really similar shades together in matchmaker and they look lovely.


beautiful (and fun) pictures.


You are very welcome! Sadly, that little hank of ArtYarns will probably yield nothing more than a bookmark, but it will be the most sumptuous book mark!


wow! look at all the knitting goods you got in the mail! lucky girl :)

looks like a fun trip and super relaxing at that.


I love seeing your adventures on the countryside. Wow, what a memorial! Simply amazing!

Looks like a fabulous mail day for you too ;)


I hope you enjoy the book -- it was relaxing reading and the sequel "Needled to Death" is good too.

Beautiful photos all, but the sheep and the kitty are my favorites! :)


Your cat's definitely got the right idea for this lovely weather!

Sorry you can't make any of the shows. You'll have to come over sometime for a private viewing ;)


What a grand memorial. I love the way you come across all these unusual subjects to photograph on your travels! Lovely gifts you received in the post, too.


oh man. i can't wait 'til i can get back to england for a visit. i haven't been there since i lived in brighton for 6 months. i really want to bring my husband and show him around.


Oh, my, what a grand burial indeed - the dragon is cool.

Sounds like a great week. Enjoy the mystery. :)


thanks for sharing the grand pictures - I love that you are celebrating by looking back at history. (the picture of the sheep is amazing - it seems happy to be seeing someone so close up!)


Knit One, Kill Too was a nice light read. Enjoyable.

Ruth - WoollyWormhead

Yey - I love to see sheep photos! Let us know how that book turns out?


Ooh! Birthdays, trips, yarn, knitting and old churches... sounds like a great recipe for a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy knitting!


Congrats to t.o.k. Beautiful memorial. Now I want to go to Britain again!
Cute sock by the way, and it sounds like a lovely party in the previous posting (although deadly walking down those bus stairs in heels, esp. if one is a little tipsy :)

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